Did you know that 75% of South Africans owe about 75% of their salaries to creditors?

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Why choose Help-U Debt Counsellors as your first choice in becoming Stress & Debt Free?

  • Consolidate all debt repayments in one affordable monthly repayment.
  • Afford monthly living expenses with ease.
  • Instant Protection against Credit Providers and legal action. Assets are protected from being repossessed.
  • Clear your credit record and become debt free.


Services and how Help-U Debt can help you regain Financial control

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We commend hard work and cultivate an attitude of going the extra mile for our clients. Maintaining a policy of clear and open communications with our clientele and credit providers. We ensure excellent service and solutions to all over-indebted consumers and strive to reach the best possible agreement, benefiting both the creditor and the client. An experienced management team ensuring that all applications are handled effectively and efficiently.


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