At Help-U Debt Counsellors, our aim is to provide the best possible relief to the over-indebted and impoverished South African consumers.

For this reason we have adopted many different avenues by which we can assist those who come to us for aid.

This also led us to establish the Help-U Foundation, through which we intend to alleviate, as far as we are able, the financial distress of the greatly impoverished.

The Help-U Foundation has been in existence since 2013. We are a charity organisation which raises funds for underprivileged children who are in children’s homes – the aged and fragile and people who are in desperate need.

One of our annual fund raising events is the Help-U Foundation Golf day. Since 2013 we have successfully hosted yearly a Golf day with live entertainment, lunch, spitbraai dinner, auctions and prize givings. With the proceeds we do not just donate money to the institutions; we personally get involved and look into the needs of the senior citizens in the old age homes and children in youth centres.

Another event we host is the annual Help-U Foundation Christmas party for children’s homes. We create a future for the children by interacting personally with them and simply listening to their hearts desires.

With a previous Christmas party we experienced a heart breaking situation where two little girls aged ten and twelve explored the gifts they received over and over again. They thanked us with tears in their eyes of appreciation and said “it’s the first time they have ever received gifts”.

A second life changing moment happened with a boy aged eighteen. He had no will or ambition in life because of his circumstances. I had a one to one talk with him and asked if there was anything in the world he would like to have, what would it be. He replied he doesn’t have anything and he doesn’t want anything. He had a problem being around lots of people and usually walked away from the home when people came to visit. One Christmas party as a surprise we escorted the children to the Tiny Tots Animal Farm. On the way to the venue the boy was negative and wanted to go home. With the arrival something happened and the boy suddenly changed. He started interacting with the animals. Magically he transformed into an extrovert, talking, laughing and even getting along with other people and children. This was the turning point in this boy’s life.



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